Our products can be found at seasonal speciality shops, upscale market stalls, wholesale businesses and suppliers to the catering industry.

Vandepoel has a very loyal customer base. Wholesalers, grocers and market stallholders value Vandepoel as a partner for supplying seasonal firsts and specialities as well as a very extensive range of fruit and vegetables from Belgium and abroad.

Chefs who want to get inspiration for their menu after their shift or early in the morning, or who want to choose the best produce themselves, are also welcome to visit us at the early morning market.


Vandepoel supplies seasonal firsts and specialities to fruit and vegetable wholesalers as well as specialised wholesalers for the catering industry in Belgium and abroad.


The more exclusive groceries and specialist stores find delicious and unique fruit and vegetables at Vandepoel that add extra allure to their business.


Vandepoel supplies market stallholders all over the country with fresh, high-quality produce that sets them apart from their competitors.