Provence is one of the most fantastic regions in Europe for delicious fruit and vegetables.

Vandepoel has been working with its own agents and producers in the Provence region for years. The direct lines and good relationships always ensure the best-quality, freshest produce from Provence to be found on the Belgian market.

More products arrive every week, guaranteeing the freshest possible availability of seasonal firsts and specialities from this incredible region!

Vandepoel has been renowned for years as a specialist importer of Provençal tomatoes grown outdoors. Thanks to our excellent relationship with the growers, Vandepoel can choose the level of ripeness that guarantees the best taste and shelf life for the product.

Provençal tomatoes grown outdoors are well known for their fantastic taste, magnificent colour and wonderful smell.

Bring these tomatoes into your home and you will quite simply smell and taste Provence itself.

Mass consumption has led to many tomatoes today losing their taste. These old varieties, grown outdoors, bring the ‘original taste’ of tomatoes back at last.

Grown for you with love and passion!

The following products are available in this range, depending on the season:

• Noir de Crimée

• Pineapple tomato

• Rose de Berne

• Coeur de boeuf Pointu

• Blue Zebra

• Green Zebra

• Marmande tomato

• Saveurs d’antan mix

• Roma orange tomato

• Cornue des andes

• Raf tomato

• and many more.

Vandepoel specialises in importing French products, and it is also the exclusive distributor for ‘Maison Nourrit’, a small cooperative in the heart of Provence.

Maison Nourrit works with the best growers, who cultivate Mother Nature’s tastiest produce using authentic techniques.

Continual selection and on-site inspections guarantee a constant flow of high-quality produce.