Vandepoel is a fruit and vegetables wholesaler that has been known for years for the best fruit and vegetables, selected for taste and quality by our specialists.

Vandepoel (previously Fruit Vandepoel) exists more than 60 years. The business was founded in Kortenaken, in the heart of Belgium’s most beautiful fruit-growing region, and still has its head office there today.

The sales area and warehouses (1500 m2) are located at the early morning market in Brussels.

Housebrands Vandepoel

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De Tuin van Lowie
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Our professionals in the spotlight

Guy Claessens


Lieve Verheyden
Purchase & sales vegetables

Steven Jacobs
Business development & export

Wouter Bellens
Purchase & sales

Linda Verhaegen
Sales at early morning market

Lien Stevens
Sales at early morning market

Dieter Van Halewijck
Fruit sales and purchase

Pierre Wyttooghe
Sales at early morning market

Andy Vanwelckenhuyzen
Head of administration

Freddy Vandepoel
Purchase & sales fruit

Truck deliveries – warehouse

Truck driver

Warehouse & logistics