Brittany is known as one of the best regions in Europe for vegetables grown outdoors. The northern coastal region is world-famous for growing cauliflowers, artichokes, heirloom vegetables, onions, garlic and other vegetables.

The unique, fertile soils near the Atlantic Ocean yield top produce with unrivalled flavours.

Vandepoel has been importing these fantastic products for many years and distributing them to other wholesalers, groceries, market stallholders and chefs.

Vandepoel specialises in importing French fruit and vegetables, and it is also the exclusive distributor of ‘Saveurs du Bout du Monde’, a small cooperative in northern Brittany.

Saveurs du Bout du Monde works with the best growers, who cultivate Mother Nature’s tastiest produce using authentic techniques.

Continual selection and on-site inspections guarantee a constant flow of high-quality produce.

The following products are available in this range, depending on the season:

• Coloured cauliflower

• Yellow beet

• Chioggia beet

• Crapaudine beet

• Rutabaga

• Crosne (Japanese artichoke)

• Black radish

• Red meat radish

• Green meat radish

• Blue meat radish

• Coloured radishes by the bunch

• Cauliflower

• Mini cauliflower

• Mini vegetables

• Pontoise cabbage

• Kale

• Coloured chard

• Pink garlic

• Castel artichoke

• Camus artichoke

• Violet artichoke, small

• Artichokes by the bunch

• Coco de Paimpol (French beans)

• Shallot

• Roscoff onion

• Green cauliflower

• Peppers

• Sea lettuce

• and many more.